Hakan Bil strong> in 2010 with the slogan of “Honest, impartial, immoral news” that publishes both humorous, ironic and critical views on social life, agenda and politics. > is a web site based in Turkey. It was inspired by the magazine news site “The Onion News” which was established in USA. The name Zaytung comes from the word “Zeitung” which means newspaper in German.

Kim Kurdu, How was it established? H2>

Zaytung was founded in 2010 when Hakan Bil and Ekşi, the writer of the dictionary,

Before the establishment of Zaytung, shockhaber, which was very popular in its time, was added to the list. .com and asparagaz.com. SHOCK as a TV program was even broadcasting on this line. The reason for their lack of longevity was that their sense of humor could not catch a certain mass.

Humor h2> h2>

The Zaytung movement, which began with a secret cover, has now reached a massive number of readers.

1. Strong> Unsuccessful Young Girl Failing So Fine, Son
2 strong>
3. Strong> Injuries in the German Ampute National Football Team,

5 strong>

4 strong> A pair of 10 Hectare Forest Spaces Attracted Through Friction
5 strong> The days are finalized.

As a result of the hype-based humorous news that is published in the titles, it naturally gives a sense of laughter.

Other Information h2>

Zaytung also released a Almanac in 2012 via APRIL Publishing. News, Astrology, Magazine, Last Minute and Photo News from 2009-2011 are included in the Almanac.

Site users share their site news on social media. Even in the last few years, our mediamen’s glittering, witty columnists and televisioners often share Zaytung news from Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Cengiz Bayram, who works as editor on the site in February 2015, H. Nihat Güneş, Evren Kuçlu and Uğur Ceviz separated and established a new humorous news site named Official Gaste. Share Bilgi Çoğalsın

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