The web site strong>, which entered Turkey in 2011, is the Turkish version of strong>. The site is a digital community aimed at closing gaps between sexes, bringing together men and women under specific topics to help each other.

GirlsAskGuys strong> strong> strong> strong> strong> span> GirlsAskGuys strong> answers questions from the perspective of men and women, / strong> has three different publishing sites in addition to its original English site. strong>, which started broadcasting in 2011; strong>, which is the Spanish version strong> in 2014 and finally the Portuguese version for Brazil in 2015.

Who established Girls Soruyor h2> Tolga Tanriseven

On December 12th, 2006, women and men were asked to give questions to people who were against Cinste on social life.

She has built strong>, a multilingual platform, with her partner Jen Heil strong>.

In 2013, O’Brien Capital received $ 1 million in investment support, including $ 800,000 from other investors and $ 200,000 from other investors.

2011 Girls Ask strong> strong> with his brother Mengüç Tanrıseven strong> as the third partner in the company.

In 2015, Tolga Tanriseven, Louis Business Journal’s “Under 40 Businessmen Under 40” list. Forbes, TheNext Web, Huffington Post, and Search Engine Journal.

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