Hammer is a hand made tool made of iron steel or alloy which is also used in lighter nails and similar works, as well as beating mâdenen. It is often used as a hand tool made from a wooden handle, a hammock, and a flat flat metal.

It is used to lash, beat, flatten, crush something. They take a wide variety of names depending on the places they are used and the way they are made.

There is no record of who invented the tractor: the gladiator, the brimmer, the sailor, the carpenter, the shoemaker, the moon hammer, the mallet hammer, The history of this simple instrument probably extends to the stone devrine. It is known that the first people made the hammer tool from stone.

The other is forking, a forked “Claw Hammer” hammer used for dismantling work, but was discovered by the Romans, but the modern equivalent ) Was invented in 1840 by the American blacksmith David Maydole strong>.

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