Yoyo strong> “Yo-yo” was a hunting vehicle, similar to South America in the Philippines, thrown into the feet of animals. In the 1920s, Donald Duncan strong>, who watched the use of yoyo, kept the same name and turned the hunter disco down and changed it into a child’s play. A toy that looked very similar to yoyo came from China to England with the name “quia” and to France with the name “bandalore”.

Yoyon became popular with the Charleston. In 1932-33, the first wave was fired all over Turkey, named as madness, and songs were composed: For those who took, Atarlar come forward you come back to Yoyo Yoyo Play fifty years Usanmam you once again What is not this madness? Yoyo

Yoyo strong> was probably the first of fashion trends that wrapped up the whole world at the same time. The war of the world made a great geographical part of the same environment, and thousands of people had to wander over this geography. After the war, the avant-garde gathered in Paris, after the intellectual movements created by the new generation, the Americans who left Paris would turn to their countries, and they would go to new quests with the influence of 29 Depression. But there was a game that everyone would share, from parties that drink and jazz banners made even more crazy, to the streets, and that America would export to Europe.

After the war, yoyon lived in the second spring, and in 1948-50, he became a member of the New World War. It was also an epidemic in Turkey. It continued to be sold in toys until 1960’s. Plastics were first produced after wood. In Metin And Gaziantep, the founder identified the community as “extraction” (exit). In Greek vases, children’s pictures are seen playing in the 5th century. Share Info

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