Whiskey is expensive and is a drink in American movies. According to this tradition, which we learned from movies and comics that the Indians called fire water, M.S. 450 is the patron saint of Ireland strong>.

Traditionally the name “sherry” (white Spanish wine), which is traditionally admitted to the whiskey, is imported from England. It comes from the port of Xeres (now Jerez) where the Spanish wine comes, and the tradition is left with the use of these wine drums in the whiskey barrel.

There are a variety of reasons for alienating the Turkish people. Viskin has its own ceremonial. Once you know what to wear, you need to drink it on a dry or iced basis. Preparing ice is an affair, but “childlike” chocolate will come out. Then the bottle of whiskey will not be found, it will be removed and placed in the wardrobe, which will not satisfy his wife.

There is no way for cowboys to have a place among the whiskey they drink in the late afternoon with raki-like whiskey. This complication of the whiskey has made him a drink for a long time, have no name of his own.

With these connotations, politics in the 1970s and magazine news in the 1980s with lahmacun and whiskey became the subject of news. The Republican bureaucracy has made a long effort to create Turkish viscose. The work that began in January 1957 was completed in March 1959 and was successful in the official visit in 1963. After that, a large-scale manufacturing decision was taken, but within three years it was recommended to move it to the market gradually. Production was passed in 1964 and it was predicted that whiskey imports could be substituted in the 1968 development plan. The first Turkish whiskey was manufactured at the Ankara Brewery. Share Information

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