Who invented the wound band. Joseph Lister strong> (1827-1912) Robert strong> (1827-1912) who turned his discoveries in antisepsis to commercial success with gauze and scarf, in 1876 he listened to Lister at the Philadelphia Medical Congress and convinced his two brothers to invest in this field Johnson & amp; Johnson strong>.

Johnson, a partner in a pharmacy company, Johnson strong> and began producing sterile and packaged hydrophilic cotton gauze.

In 1912, they became a big company that handed out new products in the field of medicine and gave the Johnson Baby Powder to the market as well. In 1920, the company’s director, James Johnson, learned that his company employees had prepared gardens at the home of Earle Dickson strong> for use in small wounds by placing them in the middle of adhesive tapes and temporarily closing the adhesive sections of the tapes

The product, called Band-Aid (wound band), was gradually recognized. The scarf band, free of charge for scouts and butchers, began to be produced on the machine from 1924. In 1928, holes were opened in the wound bands to allow air to escape. Share Information

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