Who found the wine, who invented the wine? strong> The Near East, the Caucasus and the South Russia are places where wine starts. B.C. In 8000, Turkey was beating grapes in the geography where Syria is now based. The winemakers of the wine industry were Ancient Egyptians, but the Romans liked the Greek wine, saying, “We have vinegar in our wine to drink.”

In the medieval Muslim world, wine is at least known for the ruling classes known in history, as the Ancient Greeks, like the wine enthusiasts of the 6th century, used to describe drunkenness as drunkenness as “drinking like Scythians.” He sat in the principal. According to the Oriental tradition, the wine had found Jamshid strong> from Iranian shahs. Fifteen days later, they did not like the taste of the grapes, and after a few days they squeezed the grape juice into a bottle. A concubine who suffers half a headache was beneficial and tasteful for this water to commit suicide.

It is also mentioned that the wine is found on the ship of Noah’s prophet with a sour brewing during the Flood. Turkic used to be called “suci” and “çakır”. Among the Alevism beliefs, wine became a part of worship.

The methods and techniques that were important in the hiding and transferring of wine, like mushrooms, were unknown until the end of the 17th century. The aging of the wine has been a miracle since then, its trade and quality have improved, and well-known species have been produced. But whatever the quality, the wine began to spread among the people, the opening of the taverns, the rise of the city’s population began in the 16th century.

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