Who invented the Wheelchairs. The wheelchair is called a seat with wheels, used for sick and disabled. At about 1750 the British inventor was invented by James Heath. The most common wheelchairs have two large wheels on either side of a barrel under the seat, and two small wheels on the front, which are placed under the foot on which the feet rest.
The first wheelchairs, which can be moved from the rear, are fitted with a curved rod could be managed by the occupant. The rear wheel is attached to the spindle of the rear wheel, with hand-rotatable hoops.

Wheel chair; is a tool used to mobilize people who can not walk or move because of a physical disability or obstacle. It has wheels in various sizes. It is usually used by hand, but according to special needs, it can also provide solutions that can be used almost anywhere in the body. There are two types of cordless and manual movement.

They can be specially designed according to every measure and every need. The control can be available to the user, as well as options available on the companion. Users choose size and power according to their needs. If it is used in narrow spaces, it can be preferred to be compact structure, but if it is used in land conditions, strength and durability are foreground.

Variety h2> Manual wheelchairs Standard wheelchair (steel, aluminum) Active & amp; adaptive wheelchair Sportsman wheelchair (basketball, tennis, etc.) Cordless wheelchair Share Information Multiple

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