Any sound,
machine that recalls when it is needed, recording the speech. Dictaphones are an advanced form of phonetics. The voice of the machine speaks to a recorder section with a microphone.

It records the vibrations received as electric current into an object such as plaque, tape, strip or wire. If the recorded
voice is played back, this is the reverse. The recorder section vibrates as it passes over the plate or tape. The vibration transmitted as electric current is transmitted by turning the sieve. An important feature of dictaphones is;
Thomas Edison recorded his first human voice in 1877.

” Alexander Graham Bell has developed the device by registering material obtained using 50% beeswax and 50%
paraffin. In 1988 Tainter patented the Graphophone audio recording and reproducing device.
The machines that were built as dictaphones began to be built at the beginning of the 20th century. They are operated by the arm and are shaped like sewing machines.

Since the dictation of messages and dictates in the rapid flow of business life, dictaphone has made it a great convenience that it does not devote itself to the dictator.

What is read by the worker or his / her master is written by the secretary. Dictaphones can also be used to connect to the phone and talk to the other party
or to record conversations in conferences. But nowadays dictaphones are replaced by tape devices.

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