Violin, violoncello and viola belongs to a family called stringers. In this instrument, the one that plays the voices from the highest pitch and the smallest is the god. More importantly, it is widely used in a variety of music genres, including rock and roll, pop and punk music, as well as folk music. Likewise, jazz is also an important part of classical and Baroque music.

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Andrea Amati, the famous violinist, made the first violin in 1555. Before that, there was a three-string violin-like instrument called Violetta.

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With $ 3.544.000, Stradivari was the most expensive violin ever sold.

With its unique and pleasant sound, the violin, is widely used in different musical styles. It was widely used during Baroque period. Some popular violinists include Jean-Luc Ponty, John Blake and Regina Carter, and other famous jazz violinists Mark O’Conner, Darol Ager and Stephane Grappelly.

In addition, this instrument plays a major role in Indian classical music.

Violin is a main instrument consisting of eight parts. These are: the body, the upper part, the lower part, the blackboard, the black ebony part behind the bridge holding the signs, the threshold, the snail and the keys. The violin is 60-62 centimeters tall. 38 centimeters of this body and 25 centimeters of the stool constitute. The violin arc is 75 cm long, painted horse hair, the body is hollow and made of fine wood. The instruments on the bone are the left, re, lâ and mî (the thickest, thickest, thinest, and thinnest). It is usually colored with reddish yellow, sour cherry, occasionally dark yellow, orange, brown, red lacquer.

Normally, the learning of violin is completed in nine years, based on the thin, long-shaped violin-jaw, holding the stalk with the left hand and fingers touching the bows and with the right hand held springs. The work required for virtualism is still there. The note is written with the left key for the violin, which has an octave of 4.5 octaves. Beginning with the famous composer Boch, the composition of the music pieces for the violin (konçertolar) has become widespread, reaching huge numbers. The violin is used extensively in the orchestra or because it has a very wide range of sound possibilities.

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