Who found the Toilet Paper, who invented the Toilet Paper strong> As a culture that finds the paper, cleaning with toilet paper is a confrontation as a Chinese finding. European culture still has no water faucets in the toilets, and paper use goes back to the old way of producing toilet paper, and apparently there is little evidence of why it is not widespread. In the US corn cobs are used in the countryside, catalog pages in the countryside, cut-out newspaper paper has been used for a long time.

Although the sale of toilet paper strong> produced by Joseph Gayetty strong> in the US in 1857, it was left out of the market because it was not sold after some time. The torn toilet paper of Walter Alcock strong> in England in 1879 was also unsuccessful. That same year, Edward and Clarence Scott strong> reached commercial success in Philadelphia, USA.

Toilet paper sewer system was widespread in the market, starting from hotels and restaurants. Since the toilet paper is expensive, it was given to the customers in many places in Europe.

Today, when the import substitution system is abandoned and free trade is regarded as the only way, such discussions are not being made, but when it comes to the year 2000, only one company has made a contribution to the importation of toilet paper. With the latest investment, the production capacity of the country is estimated to reach two thousand meters per minute and 87 thousand tons per year, which is 60 percent of the production capacity of the country. However, Turkey is far behind the world average in the use of toilet seats. Per capita toilet paper consumption is 20 pounds per person in North America, 10 pounds in Western Europe, 12 pounds of toilet paper in Japan-a, while the world average is 2.9 pounds, while per capita toilet paper consumption is 0.95 kg in Turkey. / Share Multiple Information

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