Teke games are folk dances played by Teke Turkmens in general. Teke zortleme is the most known of the game of teke.

In the Teke region, there is a common folk play around Burdur, Isparta, Antalya, also known as a change play. It is a game that reflects the movements of male goats (teke) it is the attitude that is the attitude.

One of the best-known goalkeeping games is the zebra boot, which is the male boot which is called the goat, and which revives the aggressive behavior of the male goat called the goat, which is called the zebra, Most of the time there is a kind of long air called tornado guild air before the game.The game consists of two parts as jumping and jumping.The jumping is done with various hand and arm figures and as collapses.The same game is played faster in the following jumps.The accelerating tempo Depending on the situation, the players often change places, and this is the reason why it is called as a change of play to the game of zeitging, and the goat zortals played in the game of sipsi or cura are generally verbal. < The plays played in the form of zeybek in the opiate region are called zeytlatması based on the similarity in the figures.

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Teke plays are played in the presence of moving melodies. The music is often more convoluted than the ball. It’s called fast playing. They are games that are played as fast as they can not be accompanied by licks. The melody of the gakkilin played on the accompaniment of the instrument is the same as dattirininin, the rhythm is heavier. The interruption is played with non-verbal music. It is called screeching like a partridge, screeching like a wing creeper, leaning and turning, and shifting. Ornamentation is played by figures and women in the form of falling down and kneeling. Again, a woman plays the templet or tempura in the damli, in some cases men participate in this game. The games played in the Silifke region have a distinct place in the game of goats. These games, played by both male and female, are accompanied by musicians such as drums, violins and clarinet. The most famous examples of Silifke regional games are the folk songs and playgrounds, partridges, oranges, oranges, tumblers and Turkmen girls. Share Info Çoğalsın

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