Swimming is the whole of the movements on the surface of the water that allow it to move and move in one direction. It’s some kind of water sport. The pleasure and racing that is common all over the world is a sport. It is one of the oldest sporting activities of mankind. For centuries people knew and were doing swimming.

The modern swimming style strong>, as it is today, has also been launched in England strong> for the first time. The first swimming pool was opened in 1828
in Liverpool, England. After that, swimming championships and tournaments were organized in various countries such as England and America, swimming became the modern state of today.
The modern swimming style started in 1960 in our country. After this, various
swimming specialized clubs were established.

Today, the most common types of swimming are the backstroke, breaststroke, free, butterfly and side flip.

Free swimming (Kravl): strong>

In this style, the water of the swimmer water parallel to the surface and prone to face.

The whole body, including the feet, is taut and flat
. The arms and legs are moved in accordance with the moon. The arms are pushed down and
sideways. The legs are pulled back toward the hips first, then lowered and the body is pushed forward.
The fastest of the current swimming styles. This style is mostly used in short- and medium-range swimming races
. It is made in 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1500 m distances.
The supine: In this style, the body lies flat on the back on the water. The shoulders are higher than the hips.
The head is pulled toward the chest and half of the head stops in the water. When the arms turn, the water is hit from the rear part of the head. At this time, the handler has a shovel.

The legs move as if they were floating in the water.

Breastfeeding: strong>

This swimming style is a type of swimming in which people of all ages are held in long distances with no trouble and easy swimming. These
swim arms are thrown forward over the water, then rhythmically and parallelly drawn through the water into the body.

Then it opens sideways and rejoins. This style is made in 100 m and
200 m squares.

Side flap: strong>

This type of swim is usually used in lifeguards. The body lies horizontally on the water on the side
Swimming races: Pool races are divided into two categories: cross races and muka vemet races. Swimming pools 50 m in length, 8 lounges, pools with normal heat filled with fresh water. Cross and
mukâve races are held in seas and rivers.

There are other styles that are applied in every country.

Swimming is a sport that is beneficial to my health.

It helps the muscles of the body work and help the
all the fat in the body. Swimming allows people to be healthy and fit.

People who are weak and have heart problems should be careful not to let themselves out when they are doing this sport.

The age to start swimming is between 6-7 years old. Children in these ages do not need unnecessary energy because they can make their movements in a smooth and good rhythm.

In addition to all these possibilities in the sport of swimming, nutrition also takes an important place. They do not get good food, they can not be successful in swimming.
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