Who invented the Sun Eyeglass. strong> The Chinese who found the sunglasses. The eye of the justice statue is attached to the West, and China has sunglasses, because the darkened glass glasses we use as sunglasses have been used to hide the eyes of judges in Chinese courts. Glasses that were obscured by the smoke of the smoke were not for correcting sight defects. It was not to be protected from the sun as well.

In 1930, the US Air Force decided to use blackened sunglasses strong> in order to make sure that their eyes could not be seen in many places, especially in the courts.

The use of Hollywood stars in advertising campaigns in the 1960s has become the second in the world of the fashion world that has become industrialized in the 1960s. created a wave of persuasion. The sunglasses type was offered as an exclusive, while the spectacular type was activated from the active life.

Today, sunglasses are taken from peddlers but it is not possible to mention only very expensive glasses, which are “brand”, as only black glasses. It has a very thin, flexible frame and a great variety of glass from its stems to the sunlight, from the changing color to the non-reflecting light. The sunglasses are an accessory that is carried on the top of the hair with a sense of summer vacation, complementing the outfit. Share Info

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