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Who found the strip


The origin of the stripping term is English strip-tease. Striptease is described as a show in a nightclub, in a bar or pavilion, where a young female dancer dancers and undresses in music accompaniment.

On February 9, 1893, a study in the Moulin Rouge halls in Paris caused striptisation to appear and become very hugely exaggerated. That day, a model called Mona posed as a Parisian picture student. However, at that time the law did not allow such a work, and the highly conservative Parisian prosecutor sentenced the beautiful model to 100 francs. The painting students who heard this got a big fury and performed a show in the Latin Quartier.

The executives of “Fayouau Music Hall”, who wanted to take advantage of Mona’s great sensation, managed to make it a commercial one. Musicholde, the first strip show was held on 13 March 1894. In the first strip chart called “The Bed of Yvette”, a young beautiful woman was animated to undress the bed. Upon the attention of this show, the music hall maintained its striptease shows. Among the other animated charts, the demonstrations, “Woman undressing in front of the doctor”, “Beautiful in the bathroom”, Suzan “hot” won the admiration of the customers.