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Who found the strike


Who invented the skateboard. strong> The first iron skates were used in Scandinavia. In the Netherlands, boardwalks have been used in everyday life since the 1200s. In England the horse and the nephew were lost with the skates made from the jawbone. In 1660 Chausser refers to the patten, in 1662 English aristocrats describe the scrolls in the Saint James park.

The first person to find a wheel is Joseph Merlin strong>. Joseph Merlin, who worked in the production of music instruments in the Belgian city of Liege, entered the violin on a masquerade ballet in Carlisle House in Soho Field in 1760.

However, neither the speed nor the ability to change the direction, the giant wall of the opposite wall hit the mirror and the mirror with the value of 500 pounds was ice-cold. Also, as the violin in Merlin’s hand was dismembered, there were very few bones that he did not break. This was so frightening that after the first test, until 1823, no one was talking about the skates. That year, Robert John Tyers, a grocery store in London’s Piccadilly neighborhood, performed a show on Windmill Street’s tennis court with his skates named Volitos. Under these skates, there were five small wheels placed on a line.

A similar version of this skate was made on April 16, 1849, on the occasion of April 22, 1849, when Meyebeer, exhibited in Paris, “Le Prophete “opera’s ice dance scene. The first example of four-wheeled skates was developed by James L. Plimpton in New York in 1863. It was also possible to make many interesting figures as well as to provide a very good balance with these skates. The United States then left a skating madness, and this madness went to Europe in the early 1870s. Share Information