Postage stamps and postage stamp collectors are based on collection and collection of envelopes related to postage stamps. The stamp collectors are called stamp collectors.

John Tomlynson, who was regarded as the first stamp collector in the stamping authority, began this hobby on 7 May 1840. One day before this date, he received an envelope from the post. A stamp came out of the envelope. Next to it was a note that introduced this self-sticking disc. Mr. Tomlynson has decided to accumulate stamps from that day and has been pursuing it for many years.

The French, Victor Wetzel from Lille, claimed to have begun collecting stamps that reached him on 6 May 1840, like the English Mr. Tomlynson. Mr. Wetzel also had a self-adhesive stamp like the “Black Penny” like John Tomlynson. However, the pulsars, assuming that a British stamp could not be found in Lille at that time, are somewhat suspicious of this claim. The first stamp declaration published in newspapers appeared in the UK on March 22, 1851, the “Family Herald” newspaper. Ad is T.H.S. Smith.

The Society of Stamp Collectors, F.J., in London in the 1860’s. It was founded by Stainforth. The members came together at regular intervals, showing each other their stamps and discussing their values.

The first stamp merchant, the Brussels bookstore, Jean-Baptiste Constant Möens, began buying and selling stamps in the shop “Galene Bortier” in 1855. . In 1862 he also published the first postage stamp. In this catalog, however, only stamps were advertised and prices were not given. After a while he wrote his first book of handwriting. This book, “De la Falsification des Timbres-Poste”, was very useful to collectors.

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