Who invented the Smart Planet. The intelligent board was invented in 1991 by David Martin and Nancy Knowlton. SMART Technologies’ smart boards are designed to be touch-sensitive, touch-sensitive white to enable users to enter data.

Who invented the smart board h2>

David Martin, established in 1987 in Canada as a distributor of a projector company. He used the money he had earned from the projectors for sale for his new project.

Smart Boards are designed to explore and develop mouse features used in normal computers, such as scrolling and right clicking, for example, on the SMART panel, the first interactive whiteboard capable of touch control of computer applications and the ability to overwrite standard Microsoft Windows applications. touch sensing. The smart board 800 series went on the market with click and slide concept. Due to the high price, it could address a limited audience. The company introduced the Smart Board 400 series smart board in December 2010.

Smart board applications h2>

Part of a system that includes smart board or interactive whiteboard computer, projector and whiteboard software . Smart Notebook collaborative learning software for schools and education, and Smart Meeting Pro software for work places and meetings. All components are connected wirelessly or with USB cables. A projector connected to the computer displays the desktop image on the interactive smart board. A smart board perceives touch input from a hand, pen or other solid object.

How does the smart board work? H2>

The main feature of smart boards is to create an interactive environment between class and people in the meeting room, in a way that is reasonably practical and practical.

Smart boards are the visual presentations of powerpoint presentations, videos and computer-generated data that are the subject of a lecture or meeting prepared on a computer.

The question of who will erase the chalk board

The English “Smartboard” tab has been translated into “Smartboard” into our language. Smart board technology is used together with computer and projection device. In this triple system; the computer is running programs related to the course or topic to be taught. The projection tool reflects the screen image of the computer on the board. The intelligent panel of the LCD panel provides the ability to interfere with the pen or handheld display and gives the interactivity to the screen display.

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