Tequila strong> is a distilled drink made from the essence of Agave tequilana, a Mexican plant. The composition of the singlet, which is usually light-colored and not left to maturity, contains 40-50 percent alcohol.

Tequila takes its name from the city of Jalisco in the province of Tequila.

Tequila is a fruit juice that is collected under the leaves of the plant and called agua miel is first fermented and then distilled twice.

Margarita ​​strong> cocktail, prepared by mixing tequila with marinated lime juice, is drunk in salt-soaked cups in the mouth. Mexicans generally do not add anything to the singular, and they take salt, tequila and marbled water in their mouths, respectively.

The Aztecs gave the name “Octini Poliqhui” to the drink they produced from the juice of the agave plant 2000 years ago, and this drink they consecrated as sacred, the big one, which is called a Mesqual. They are dedicated to Maya God Olmeca.

A real tequila is made by distilling the Agave tequiliana plant, a kind of Agave plant, also known as Sabir Otu, which is a juicy fruit in Anatolia. If teqila is not produced from 100% blue agave, it is also produced with various spices and alcohols (usually maize). If you are drinking a 100% blue agave, you will get a fruity and sharp taste instead of a bitter taste.

Like all good alcohols (Brandy, Scotch, Port) If Reposado is queued for more than 2 months, then Añejo will be called if the wait is longer. Blanco (silver) will be named if it is kept in a metal or glass tank, which keeps the individual colorless.

Aromatic wood such as whiskey can also be produced by holding it in the vats.

Inexpensive singles can not be made from 100% agave, but “gold” can be added to the tequila.

singles are made with caramel color and aroma. However, this properly timed gold tequila can never be fully enjoyed.

A good tequila gives a sophisticated and interesting taste in every sip, just like a good scotch. But the good singles cost up to the taste at the cost. Drinking with salt and lemon is recommended, usually after a little salt is licked, tequila is drunk, then the lemon juice is absorbed. Share Info

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