A cup of water, usually made of copper, brass or hair, which is used to heat and brew tea. The word samovar comes from the Russian word meaning “self-boiling”.

Russia is the homeland of samovar. It is a tool that has been used in Russia for centuries and is being used today. During the Ottoman period, tea was cooked in the kilns for a long time with samovar, and it was very popular among the public.

The samovar is a cylindrical vessel with a pipe in the center.

In order to make tea with the samovar, it is first filled with coarse water and the coals are left in the pipe. After boiling water, it is added to the juice from this water.

There are many more
electrifies today that are still widely used in eastern parts of our country.

Anayurdu is a Russian, and especially nostalgically located in the majority of Russian houses, used to boil hot water for brewing tea and brewing tea in a glass. the name of this metal cabinet is derived from the words in Russian meaning sama and varit, meaning ‘to lose itself’. Semi-spheres made of copper, brass, bronze or sack are made as cylinder or rectangular prism. On the bottom side is a burning section with a perforated and grilled coal and an upwardly extending chimney, and a water reservoir containing water that is heated around it. At the bottom, there is a tap to get water. Samsun is famous in the town of Vezirköprü. Share Information Çoğalsın

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