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Who found the restaurant


It was opened in Paris in 1765 by Monsieur Boulanger in the name of “Champ d’Oiseau”. These words meant: ‘You are the ones who are laughing at the stomach …

Come to me, I am healing. “In this essence,” Restaurabo, “a Latin aphorism was written in a Latin aphorism:” Venite adme, omnes qui stomacho laborat et ego restaurabo vos. the word “improve” was used as a restaurant in the meaning of restaurant over time. The inside of Monsieur Boulanger’s restaurant was decorated with marble tops. The special dish was “Volaille au Gros Sel”, a type of chicken dish. Before Boulanger’s initiative, he was able to dine in taverns, hans, cook shops, and some coffee shops.

When Monsieur Boulanger’s restaurant was successful, other examples were opened shortly. During the 1789 Revolution, there were 100 restaurants in Paris. 15 years later, the first restaurant guide was published as “Almanach des Gourmands”. Share Info