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Who found the piano


The Piano strong>, which has an important place in orchestral music and offers a perfect musical feast on its own in the room music field, was once Bartolomeo Christofori strong> It was invented in 1709. Since 1800, he continued to exist as a keyboard instrument for 150 years. However, from the 1950s on, the first change came with the emergence of electric organs.

The important difference between the “harp”, the ancestor, and this piano was that the tauters were not stretched; The most important advantage of this change was the ability to produce sound in different volumes. For this reason Christofori gave his instrument “gravicembalo col piano e forte” – the “soft and loud harpsichord”. In 1770 Johann Andreas Stein developed the piano further. He made the hammers retreat after hitting the wires.

Mozart was almost fascinated after a Stein piano player he stole in 1777, the British firm John Broadwood and Sons, who pioneered the first pianos in piano. In the 18th century, work continued to stretch the piano wires vertically to the horizontal. The first successful result in this regard was taken by the pianist Robert Wornum strong> in London in 1811. After years of 1830, the piano player undergoes only structural changes. Share information multiplicity