Art and applied science dealing with the collection, preparation, standardization of medicines. In the field of pharmacy, the synthesis of chemical substances, which are medicinal values, are obtained. In addition, the analysis and standardization of the agents used in envy is also a matter of pharmacy. It is responsible for the production of pharmaceutical drugs at various dosages and types, such as tablets, capsules and ampoules. Pharmacology; (including the mechanisms of action in diseases). Galenika Farmasi to learn the Eczâcılıg, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Farmakognaz, Synthetic Drug chemistry, knowledge of disciplines such as toxicology is required.

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In the beginning it was not separate from medicine pharmacy. The first information on this subject, BC. It goes to 2500 years ago. Papyrus Ebers, best known from the old documents on pharmacy, read by the German George Ebers. This document on papyrus tells us that in 1550 BC, many ancient Egyptians knew many of the natural sources known to us in our time. In Papyrus Ebers, 800 formulas and 700 different medicines were mentioned. At the beginning of the Islamic world, pharmacy was not different from medicine. Tabib and pharmacist were the same person. It was combined with pharmacy, botany, zoology, minarology and chemistry. The medicines were herbal, animal and
fair. Then when the obligation to make preparations breed was
need to know the chemical structure.

The most mentioned in Latin eczâcılıg; Hippocrates (460-370 BC), Dioskerides (M.S.1. Century), Galen (M.S.130-200), and Paracelsus (M.S.1493-1541). Galen (Calinos) was an Anatolian
pharmacist-doctor. gave prescriptions in the medical writings, he explained how to make the drug.
Pharmacy in important discoveries that scientists from Paracelsus and Scheele (18th century), primarily income.
nineteenth century, the beginning of Lavoisier and students getirdiler.kimyâ a new school of pharmacy
The pharmacy was developed. The availability of alkaloids and subsequent glycosides led to a new epoch in the treatment. On
ninth century at the end eczâcılıg sterilization method, then
Pasteur’s work-saving serum and vaccines was very helpful in the development of this profession.

On the eighth and the extraction of effective ingredients from raw materials in the nineteenth century and separation led to the use of
concentrated dosage forms.

is true that particular way, the work of Fourneau and school which is effective from the beginning of the 20th century,
chemical Pharmaceuticals has developed greatly. Many new compounds were synthesized.
antihistamines, hypnotics, such as a new set of drug groups appeared. Further, biochemistry
found that are antibiotic drugs is a major role oldu.gerek raw materials in the development, or in
obtained from these substances, (i.e. patients receive the drugs in the figure), which enables the control
methods eczâcılıg substantially to develop. The control and supervision of medicines requires the help of science branches such as physics-chemistry, biochemistry and physiology.

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