Throughout history, people have wanted to hide, write, communicate and share information. One of the most important inventions of human history, before paper was invented, many materials were used for writing. The writings were written on stone plates, slime molds, or wood. In fact, even the leaves of the tree could be used as a surface for writing if necessary. Who invented the paper

Who invented the paper? H2>

Before giving the answer to this question, let us give some information about the Papyrus and the sculptures made in ancient Egypt. Papyrus strong> is obtained from a 2-2.5 meter wide cane, with a leafless, triangular body, that grows on the shores of the Nile River in Egypt. The soft layer in the reeds was cut into thin strips, placed crosswise on top of each other. Then they were chewed and turned into a flat layer. After being dried, they reached hardness and thinness to write on. It is important to note that papyrus is not paper. strong>

Parchment h2>

BC. In the thirteenth century, parchments strong> were used for the first time in Egypt. To obtain the parchment, the animal’s skin was thoroughly stretched and dried in a wooden frame after it had been cleansed in the lime. Later, he was knifed with a knife until he got a flat surface suitable for writing. The life of the leather parchment was longer than that of the papyrus, but it was very difficult to produce it. Nevertheless, it gradually spread to Europe and was used until 1500, especially for religious writings.

Paper strong> is called Paper in English. The paper word comes from the Papyrus (papyrus), which was used to write on the Ancient Egypt as its origin.

The Mask of the Paper h2>

Paper strong> It was invented by a palace member named T’sai Lun strong>, who served as an adviser to the emperor in China in 105. T’sai Lun strong> The woods, cloths and other fibrous materials were pounded until they became a soft and soft dough, and the resulting dough was mixed with water in a large vessel to obtain the first mechanical wood pulp. Then, when a porous mold was dipped into the dough and lifted up, the water flowed down through the pores, leaving a fibrous layer on the surface of the die. This layer was stretched and dried in bamboo frames.

Research and excavations in Central Asia revealed that the papers used between the third and seventh centuries were made from mulberry tree bark, linen or cotton.

> MS By the 7th century, the Chinese kept the formula they used in making paper in great confidentiality. However, this formula first came to the hands of the Japanese, then the Arabs. The Andalusian Emeves passed on to Europe in 711 when they invaded Spain. The oldest paper was called “cloth parchment” despite the use of wood, straw and cloth in its construction.

Around 2000 years ago paper strong> invented by the Chinese T’sai Lun strong> was still being used in the modern era one of the most important materials.

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