Who invented the Paper Wipes? strong> Paper wipes, which are increasingly consumed especially during the winter months, are an integral part of personal hygiene. The invention of paper handkerchief was originally intended for a different purpose. Cotton was used in the treatment of injured soldiers. During the First World War, a new, absorbent bandage was produced due to the scarcity of cotton. The manufacturer, Kimberly Clark, gave this product the name “cellucotton’s” in the sense of cellulose cotton.

The model, developed under the name of Kleenex, entered the bags of women by reaching success in a short time with the advertising campaign carried out by the cinema artists. In letters to women, women complained that their husbands had “napkins” wiped their noses, and men wanted to produce models for men. kleenex strong> consumption increased even further with the special box for individual tissue handkerchiefs produced in 1921.

The company conducted a survey campaign to decide whether the product would be a cream towel handkerchief in 1930 and 61 percent of the coupons distributed were requested by handkerchiefs. The company, which diversified its products as napkins, towels and handkerchiefs, was selling forty eight kinds of products in 1936. In America, the word “kleenex” is spoken as a genre. In Turkey, Selpak strong> has been used in the same sense for the last ten years.

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