The heat energy generated by fission or fragmentation of uranium or plutonium atoms in a nuclear reactor is used to generate steam. Turbines are rotated by steam. The difference from the steam turbine is that it uses nuclear fuel instead of fossil fuel and there is a nuclear reactor instead of the steam boiler. Nuclear fuel, uranium 235 or plutonium 239, fission occurs by neutron impingement on the atoms.

The neutron in the fission process provides the survival of the vision by the heat. A controlled arrangement ensures the continuity of the heat source. There are different types of nuclear reactors.

The electricity from the nuclear power was first obtained in 1951 at the Arco (Idaho) test center in the United States. In 1976, 55 turbines were operating in the United States and 160 were in production.

Nuclear reactors, which became widespread in the 1970s, were created in the 1980’s by Three Mile Island (USA) and the United States, > The accidents at the Chernobyl (Russia) power stations forced the countries to act cautiously. Often nuclear power plants are too costly to build, and operating costs are low.

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