New Year’s Eve New Year’s celebrations are the oldest known holiday and celebration activity in history. Known first Christmas celebration BC It was observed in Babylon in 4000 years. B.C. In 2000, the Babylonians start with the appearance of the new moon with the appearance of the new moon and end with the first day of spring. The beginning of spring is the most sensible time to start a new year. Above all, Spring is the season of planting and blooming and rebirth of new crops.

On the other hand, January 1 is celebrated as a New Year, even though it has no astronomical or agricultural prescription. A New Year or New Year is a cultural event celebrating the end of a year and the beginning of a new year. It is celebrated by cultures with annual rejuvenation.

New Year and Christmas Separation h2>

The New Year is often held together with Christmas at Christmas. But this is a false perception.

However, Christmas and New Year holidays are especially combined in Christian countries. Some traditions are also mixed because of this merger. In contrast to what we thought, activities such as tree decorations and gifts are held at Christmas, not at Christmas.

In fact, the first occasion of Christmas celebrations is not Christian religious. The origin of Christmas Christmas is based on ancient Rome. In ancient Rome every year a festival called Saturnalia was held on 17-23 December in the name of God Saturn. The Saturnalia festival meant unlimited freedom. During the festival, people could do anything they wanted, but if it were a crime they would be punished. The Romans saw this period as an opportunity to get drunk, to walk naked and to perform unacceptable sexual acts at other times. Even their slaves had the right to insult their masters at this time. even during this period slave masters were held in opposition to slave feasts and served. During the festival, all courts and law enforcement agencies would be closed.

In the Saturnalia festival, a person is chosen as a scapegoat, with unlimited opportunities to enjoy all kinds of tastes during the festival, but the last day of the festival was sacrificed to God Saturn.

Transition from Saturnalia to Christmas h2>

Christians used intelligent tactics to change the religions of the Pagans, the Romans.

He accepted some old practices exactly the same. The Christians combined Saturnalia with the birthday celebrations of their saviors as it was the greatest feast of the year. In fact Christians knew well that 25th was not Jesus’ birthday, but this union helped the pagans to become more assimilated.

Christmas Tree, Gifts and Santa Claus h2>

Many Christmas symbols and traditions There is no interest in Christianity and comes from the Pagans. The Christmas tree comes from the culture of Asheira. Many symbols used in Scandinavian mythology and Druids are also used in Christmas. the pagans have changed over time to present gifts to God Saturn, and people have begun to give gifts among themselves. Popular souvenirs of this period were written tablets, candles and statues made from soil (biblolar).

New Year’s Eve by Calendar h2> January 1: The first day of the year according to the Milady fortress, which is used by most countries, including Turkey.

The Hijri Calendar 12 corresponds to 354 days since it was arranged according to the calendar month, so the New Year’s Eve celebrates 11 days before each year, according to Miladi. Thus, during the year of Miladi in 2008 two New Year’s Eve ceremonies took place in the Hijri calendar. Roshashana (Hebrew New Year): Jewish New Year. It is celebrated 163 days after the Passover Festival. New Orleans (equivalent to Jesus’ circumcision anniversary) is celebrated on January 14th in the Eastern Orthodox Church (January 1st according to Julian Calendar). However, eight of the 12 largest Eastern Orthodox churches have adopted the updated Julian Calendar (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Poland, Romania, Syria, Turkey and Greece), two dates of which date to the same day. Orthodox Churches of Georgia, Israel, Russia and Serbia continue to use the Julian Calendar. The Chinese New Year is celebrated each year on the new Moon day of the first camerapark, which roughly coincides with the spring. The exact date falls between January 21 and February 21, according to the Milady fortification. It is the most important holiday of the year in China. The New Year in the Iran calendar is referred to as Norous (Nevruz) and is celebrated at the beginning of spring (20 or 21 March).Especially in Thailand this celebration takes place by pouring water. Share Multiple Information.

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