where the exhibition of art works stored in özel bina for the benefit of people and see them. Museum of the ancient Greek word “temple of science” in the sense of “Mouseio” comes from the word. The first museum in the world, in Alexandria Milad was established in three hundred years before the time of the first Ptolemy. The first building, called the museum, is actually a university. It has been brought to the point of gathering together schools that value sanatoria and intelligence. In this first museum, there are many old books from the works of art. In later years once the museum are filled with works of art.

Today’s shape with museums, after the discovery of the American continent in 1492, people increase their interest in the works of the past and Ancient Greek, Roman, Assyrian, this state man examining the Babylonian civilization the purchase studied works, as well as the antiques they brought here of travelers going overseas (ex works) has emerged with collections.

at the beginning of old furniture and antiquities collection curiosity sixteenth century spread all over the world, gathered
The goods were then material for the merchants.

In the first modern manuscript, the museum was founded in Oxford in 1683 in England. In this museum, the collection of old
collectors was made use of Eliashmole’s collections and the museum was named “Ashmole Museum”. Then, in the eighteenth century, it was turned into institutions where everyone could benefit.
Before he died, he gave the whole collection to the British Parliament, and these works gave the foundation of the famous British Museum established in 1759.

The first museum in America was founded in Charleston in 1773. The same museum is open today.
This museum was opened with the work of the Charleston library board.

The mission of the museum is to provide material on subjects that art and scientists examine, to help increase the culture of the people
. As a matter of fact, in the United States and Great Britain the museum sends materials to the schools when requested.

Museums; general
beauty, nature, art, history and applied sciences.

separated from the scientific science of these new machines, industrial tools are exhibited. In some countries

children’s magazines have been set up for children to enjoy.

The arts, where artworks are found, attracted great attention all over the world. The Louvre Museum in France is a great museum showing the most precious works of famous
painters to the public.

In addition, the houses where the well-known people are born and the houses they live in are also made museums. These types of goods usually belong to that person,
memories are displayed. The house where Shakespear was born in England, this museum was made afterwards and presented to the people
for this purpose.

Recently, the two biggest museums in the western world have been “Louvre” in Paris and New York “Metropolitan”
magazines in Paris, cooperating with each other and taking the first steps of a world museum. This understanding,
brought a new perspective to the museum.

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