Cinema can also be described as the shape of the theatrical scene, which, although not completely, is reflected on the screen. The fact that movie films can be reproduced and displayed easily everywhere has caused the masses of people to be influenced by cinema. The cinema operates as widely as it is in the fields of culture and education, entertainment and all kinds of propaganda.

In 1894, the cinema first appeared in Thomas Edison strong> as a kinetoscope of television, u began to develop. By 1895, images became more satisfying as Lumière strong> found cinematography strong> in Paris. The beginning of Cineman began with the work of Peter Mark Roget strong> in London in 1824 as a lab work, by pasting line drawings on a disc, followed by a photographic disc in 1860 and a cellulosic film strip in 1890.

The entrance of the cinema into the arts and trade environment begins with the film The Great Train Robbery in 1903. Strong> Thomas Thomas strong> A silent film was shown for 1912 years, after which a phonograph with harmonic voices was added to the film. In 1923, the voice became coded on a cellulose film, after which the sound films began to be successful. The sound of the Jazz singer sound film prepared in 1927 is regarded as a complete transition. In 1939, his colorful film-making work began with the 1939 film “Gone with the wind”. This invention was followed by the discovery of cinemascope film technology. In 1952, three-dimensional stereoscopic 3-D cinematography became popular.

Preparation of motion picture film h2>

The preparation of cinema filmin requires very extensive work. A script or film written document containing the subject of filmin is prepared under filmin directing control.

The inter-stage costume goes through make-up and side preparations. The image selection in the scenes belongs to the director. Stunning scenes must be in perfect harmony with each other. Because the movie looks like a short story.

As the film is being shot, the images in the scenes must be spectators, binding to themselves. For example, the fight that two actors remotely captured on film the shape of the state fist does not arouse much interest, a stone hit to the head, gliding from the jaws of blood flowing from the nose, images of torn clothes can cut the breath of the audience into a real fight seyrediyormuşca. Meanwhile, voice, light and other factors are important elements that help the director. The film sets the stage as possible relevant audience is prepared to give as much information on the property.

Another method is the cartoon cinema shooting. The cartoons first started with the French Emile Reynau in 1877. The cartoons, which began to be built in the US in 1906, made great strides and reached the summit of Walt Disney in Hollywood in 1923.

Since the images change quickly because of the difference in the images, the image on the screen is assumed to be moving. This phenomenon is based on the principle that a person who looks at the sun very little and closes his or her eyes will be allowed to leave for a while. The cinematographic machine in principle has a light-producing lamp, a reflector reflecting the light, a mechanism that moves the film strip at a certain speed, a rotating diaphragm mechanism and lenses that cut and re-open the beam in coordination with the film speed. The number of lights is 24 or 48 at a time. Number 48 is for reducing light vibrations.

Filming sound is recorded by photographic technique. The sound is turned into modulated light and dropped onto the film. The modulating operation is applied to the suspended coil in the magnetic field of a sensitive galvanometer by raising the sound vibrations from the microfibre. Since the galvanometer is also connected to this bobbin, the coil vibrations oscillate in the same way as the emitted beam. This vibrating thin light is displayed on the film. Obtaining from sound film is also the opposite of this process when photocells are used in between.

The recording is done with special light tube. In order for the light to be cut and opened 24 times in the second, holes were made in the film between the other side of the picture opposite the side where the sound image was recorded.

Oskar Prize h2>

Cinema films are produced in twenty-five categories at the end of each year’s film festivals. they rewarded. These evaluations, which are called Oskar, make known elections, strong actors, film writers and directors. Share Information on Pluralists.

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