Baglama is a stringed musical instrument popular in Turkish countries such as Turkey and Azerbaijan. It is a popular instrument in Anatolia. It has a string, a long stem and a bulging body. The size is between the plaza and the cura. A cherry tree is made from a shell and is played with a plectrum called tezene. Up to 200 years ago, it was only the Turkmen and the nomads. Connecting; It consists of three main parts: the boat, the chest and the stalk. The boat part is usually made from mulberry trees. But besides the mulberry tree, juniper, walnut, hornbeam are also made from the trees. The chest is made of spruce and fir trees and the stem is made of hornbeam, camphor or walnut trees.

Instruments similar to today’s context are found in Archaic period excavations and ancient Greek artifacts of Sumerian and Hittite mounds in Anatolia. Baglama is a synthesis of historical musical instruments in Central Asia and pre-Anatolian. Baglama can literally be regarded as a “tied” thing, possibly as a reference to the attached curtains of the instrument.

In order to know the instruments that connect and family, one must first recognize the Copula, People stretched the thin hairs at the top of the water tank and added stalks and made the sound clearer by passing the beam strands over the skin.

The ikk is known as the springy reeds, while the kopuz is known as the horse of the reptile reeds.

Kopuz, known as the rooster of reeded instruments, is one of the oldest instruments of the Turks.

It is also used in Greek music.

It has been used for at least 1500 years and is now being used by Central Asia and Siberian Turks, as well as being tied to Anatolia and left to its family. Greek music is called Baglama. Bouzuki, also from the same family, is a derivative of connecting. Azerbaijan is also used in the context of Ashiqs art. Ashiqs art; It combines poetry, storytelling, dance and vocal and instrumental music into a traditional performing art.

Instruments that are binding family can be named as Baglama, Divan Grapevine, Corrupted, Deep, Irina, Cura, Tambura. Among these, the smallest one is Cura and the biggest one is Divan Sazı. Share Information Çoğalsın

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