Who invented the Kitchen Robot. Kitchen robot strong> is an electric kitchen appliance that responds to multiple needs when you are preparing a meal or a cake by inserting one piece of different parts. In the past, separate tools were used for each of the processes such as shredding, grinding, squeezing, or mixing. British Kenneth Wood strong>, a shredder, boring, shredder, foamer, etc. In 1947, the kitchen robot came out in the UK as the invention of Kenneth Wood.

In 1963, the French inventor and cook drove his own device, called “Pierre Verdun” Robo Coupe , in a tank This machine, which was formed from rotating knife, started to enter restaurants and houses.

The retired electronics engineer and amateur cook Carl Sontheimer strong>, who saw the machine in France, took the machine’s US distribution license He returned to his country. Sontheimer, who worked on the machine and made joints, made his model named Cuisinart at the 1973 Chicago Home Appliances Fair. This device, which is much more expensive than blenders, is not very popular, but sales have increased steadily and by the end of the 1970s it was the new fashion of the kitchen.

In the 1960s, space, more precisely, The dream that robotics will run on machines has become widespread.

The robot word was derived in 1920 by Czech writer Karel Capek. In the Slavic languages, the word “orbho”, which means orphan in the Indo-European languages, became a slave, servant, and the words that work today (Russian, Polish “rabota”, czech “robota”) are rooted; the author used the root. In Turkey, companies name their products with various adjectives, but the name of the robot remains. Share Information

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