The key is a small but important piece of our life. I do not think he has a key in his pocket. There is a key that each key opens, so it is not possible to think about the key and the lock separately. The key to safety is the key; door, drawer, crate, locker, bag, etc. to close and unlock the necessary things to stay closed.

The history of the key dates back to 4000 years ago.

Robert Barron strong> in 1778 was the first work to increase the security of keys and locks. in England. The first patent on the key and lock system was received. In 1784, Joseph Bramah patented the safety lock.

In 1857, James Sargent strong> succeeded in making the world’s first cryptographic and cryptographic key and key lock. The use of Sargent’s lock system by the United States Treasury Department made it the manufacturer of the safest locks. Sargent patented a prototype lock system for banks in 1873.

Henry Soref strong> In 1921 he founded the Soref Master Lock Company. By 1924 he had received the first padlock patent.

The keys are made differently according to the value of the place they are fitted. Some were made of gold and silver embroidered. They are different according to the place they are used. The size of the key can be shaped, round, flat, hollow or hollow. The teeth open or close the lock by moving the parts inside the lock.

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