The teapot, which is the number one drink for breakfast every morning, is an indispensable tool for everyday use. The two-piece teapot is made of steel, aluminum and porcelain. It is known that tea that is brewed in porcelain teapots is more delicious.

In the early days, teapots were used in one piece. Over time, it was noticed that the way to brew more delicious tea was to separate the tea and hot water from each other.

Thousands of years ago, teapots, which are part of the Chinese cultural heritage, were made of bronze jug, inspired by pottery wine vessels. The oldest known teapot was made by Yixing Gongchun strong> in 1513. This first teapot is exhibited at the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware in China.

As it is known, tea was brought to China from China in the late 17th century as a spice. During these trade fairs, tea and blue and white decorated porcelain teapots came to Europe. Share Information

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