The instruments used for cooking are not considered apart from the heating, energy source problem and show the variants produced for the joint solution of cooker, grill, soba’s cooking and warming. For example, the tandır is a cooking technique and the only means of warming from Eastern Anatolia to Russia to Central Asia. The same is true for the hob, fireplace barbecue.

It has been a long time since the inventions of this field have been developed from day to day use, and there has been a rapid change since electric appliances were produced and electricity became widespread.

In 1902, British George Bodley received the patent on the covered cast iron kitchen stove. In the same year, the German inventor Frederick Albert Winsor made his first culinary cooking with gas. However, this invention proving that you can cook your food with gas is not available because of the smoke you created and the explosions it caused.

The cookers, which can be used in homes, could not be produced until the 1860s. After Edison’s invention, in 1892, R. E. Crompton strong> and J. H. Dowsing made electric hobs, but since the ability to adjust the heat was low and expensive, it was only possible from the 1920s onwards that the invention of the invention was possible.

In the 1960s, Gasoline sold at the grocery store and gasoline opened with a needle when it was clogged continued its existence for a while after it started to be used for electricity and lighting.

At the beginning of the 1980s, Ardem and Türk Demirdöküm and Koç Holding affiliates Auer were mainly bakery makers, but the furnace demand has increased substantially since 1980. While the furnace’s time and temperature settings were automated and equipped with computer systems, the name drums for electric ovens, flushes and cylinders were produced for various smaller family budgets in different years.

There were no bakeries other than pidecas when bread ovens were bought by bakery factories. Share Multiple Information

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