After the iron came out, most people became more attentive to the appearance they wear to their clothes. Wearing ironic earrings has become one of the cornerstones of being a clean and orderly person. but using the first ironing models, ie ironing, was not an easy task. There was a wrinkle shoe solution yet there was a new problem. Many women were asking the following question: “Where am I going to iron the clothes?” A black woman who invented the ironing table was invented as an inventor. The ironing table made it easier for people to iron.

Is this woman who invented the ironing table now? H2>

19. A century ago, Sarah Boone strong>, an old slave, gave an answer not only in a magnificent reputation and success, but also in a way that she deserves criticism that is incredulous and ruthlessly invented. However, with the ironing of the ironing board, Sarah Boone was among the first African Americans to get a patent for a useful invention. He received his patent on April 26, 1892.

Many people did not admit that Boone’s ironing table was an invention. Some have argued that this model only improves previous and current versions made by others.

Features of the Ironing Board h2>

The ironing board designed and invented by Boone has a number of useful features: patentees, the ironing board has a curved and narrow design. It could also be reversed.

Other First Ironing Tables h2>

According to the records, there are a few more patented inventions related to the ironing board. >

One was given to J. Harvey and J. Vanderberg. In 1858 an ironing board was invented with the patent. this patent is said to be the first patent for a product known as the ironing board.

Another patent was received by JN Brewster in 1867. The model made was similar to a Murphy bed type known as ironing board and cabinet. When Brewster’s design emerged, the first “ironing table” was used and the same name was used in all subsequent models.

In 1871, another inventor was patented for another ironing board model.

Sarah Boone’s ironing table can not be said to be the first inventor, but it is a fact that is more known than the others who invent the same product. Also, rather than focusing on the inventor’s question, the changes, innovations and benefits obtained should be given more. Based on these reasons, Sarah Boone’s ironing table has become more known and accepted.

Each of the inventors who worked primarily for the ironing table aimed to solve the problems that people encounter while ironing.

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