The first three-wheeled disabled vehicle was used by Stephen Faffler in Nuremberg in 1650. The arms, which commanded the front one, were moving by hand.

It is possible to see Farfler’s car every Sunday while waiting in front of the Lorenze Kirche Church for his owner, who does not have his legs. . The first motorcycle car was the Rudge Cycle Co. in Coventry, England, was produced by the company.

Disability is a person (person) who has restricted certain movements, senses or functions due to injury or physical or mental discomfort. The handicap may be born, or the consequences of subsequent illnesses or accidents may occur. According to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health of the World Health Organization, disability is used for disability. Disabled; suggesting sensory, functional, mental and spiritual differences of the body; social or managerial attitudes and preferences may result in restrictions and obstacles in many areas of life.

A wide variety of words such as disabled, bruised, disabled and disabled are used to describe disability in Turkish. Some of these are hurting by the disabled community, but occasionally even in official publications. For example, the word rotten, which is used to indicate that the military is not available, is found in various military documents. The official use of the word “disabled” in Turkey has been canceled by a law. Share Information

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