Heat resistant glass is known in Turkey as Borçam strong>. Heat resistant glass has been used in Germany since 19th century in Germany, but no one thought of using this material for cooking. Borosilicate glass was used in light bulbs for railway lighting exposed to high and low temperatures.

Dr. Jesse T. Littleton strong> In 1913 he cut a bowl of glass in the shape of a battery and baked it. In 1916, the company moved on to the first glass furnace merchandise market.

In addition to being heavy and thick, these products were not durable and had capillaries inside them. In addition, fire resistance ratings had to be increased. After a long period of time, in 1936, the first glass product market that could be used in the furnace and the hearth was removed.

In Turkey, at the end of the 1970’s, heat-resistant glassware came from abroad.

The most important manufacturer in the world market is the Pyrex strong>, which is still inherited from the Corning Company, for these products. strong>, which is used as a genre name; Borçam strong>, produced by Paşabahçe strong> in Turkey, has gained the name of the breed in this area.

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