One of the five human senses is essential for us to hear and be able to fully live our lives. How bad is it not a bad obstacle to hear the voices in your neighborhood? Unfortunately, millions of people who have been hearing impaired throughout human history have lived. Many methods have been tried to help hearing impairment until 1900’s.

On November 15, 1901, the electric first hearing aid, invented by Miller Reese Hutchinson in New York and called “Acousticon”, was launched.

Hutchinson Acoustic Co. The company also went into production. The device had a handheld battery-sized battery compartment, and a piece that reminded me of a telephone receiver to attach to the earpiece. One of Acoustion’s first clients was the English Queen Alexandra, who has been half deaf since childhood.

Hutchinson has been patented for life, and around 90 inventions have been used in the constellation (car horn).

He had. His close friend Mark Twain, after this meeting, adhered to him: “I invented the horn to deaf people. So they all will have to take it from your hearing instrument to be able to hear it again. ”

The first transistor transducer is Sonotone Corp. in New York for the first time. and was presented to the market on December 29, 1952.

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