Gynecology is a medical discipline that deals with gynecological diseases and female reproductive organs. Gynecology is one of the oldest branches of medicine. Although it is not known exactly who identified it as a separate medical field, It is understood from the documents of 1550 years that Egyptian doctors have been working on gynecological diseases at those times. Hippocrates is also known to work on gynecological diseases.

Arab scholars have begun to talk about the definitions and treatments of gynecological diseases. In the medical encyclopaedia of Ez-Zehravi (936-1013) Et-Tasrif, known as Andalusian god and “the father of the surgeon” in the world of arabic medicine, he described for the first time Crede maneuver for the intervention known as “Walker position”

The encyclopedia of Gynecia, written by Caspar Wolf in 1566 in the West, is based on sources from eastern medical scholars. In the seventeenth century, Herdrik Van Roonhure wrote the first surgical gynecological diseases. In the following years, there have been many developments in women’s diseases and operations have started to be done more widely. The presence of “Anesthesia” and “Antiseptics” plays the most important role in these advances as it is in all surgical branches.

Obstetrics is a separate subject, and the science of gynecology deals only with the diseases of the organs of women. Share Information you multiply

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