Who invented the Electric Stove strong> is one of the biggest helpers of fast heating in cold winter days. As an alternative to warming with a coal stove and air conditioner, does it come to mind immediately? The electric stove was a hit in 1887 in the US by Dr. W. Leigh Burton strong>. Two years later, Burton Electric Co. began mass production.

The magazine “The Electrician” described these new electric heating devices as: “The Burton electric cigarette is made up of resistances in a box- It occurs. The circumference of these resistances is covered with dry plaster. The aim is to absorb the heat from the wires and thus prevent them from going to waste. The heater is supplied with current at 80 volts and 2.5 amps. An electric current in this power raises the temperature of the sole to 200 ° F. “Radiators resembling a low table, 10 cm from the floor. He was standing on iron feet in height. The length was 68 cm and the height was 10 cm.

It was stated that the announcements given to the journal by the company could be used without any danger at home. Towards the end of 1891, the Aspen Mining Company, operating in Aspen, Colorado, requested a warranty from the “Electric Merchandise Co.” in Chicago to use this heater in its own premises.

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