Primitive people would see the disease as a divine punishment. For this reason, medicine, priests and magicians were practiced by doctors. This would be in mostly unreasonable ways, like voting, firing evil spirits, and magic. For a long time this magic-religion has created a unique institution by using water, heat and many medicinal plants for the purpose of treatment, with information from medicine and nature observations. As long as one of the great Mediterranean civilizations rises and no one pursues for centuries, the war against illness and disability has become a social one. Several treatments and cures have been linked to a system and are now being passed on to future generations.

There are medical issues in the Sumerian and Babylonian writings (1717-1616 BC). These, BC. It follows Egyptian papyrus dating from 1500-1200. These documents are actually the first known medical documents. The oldest Chinese documents speak of surgical techniques, pharmacology and treatment. They were all very advanced techniques. Indeed, some of them (such as acupuncture) are now used without any modification.

The war against diseases in India has developed more in surgery.

In the 5th century, the first medical schools were established in Greece. However, the view that diseases are related to evil spirits remains valid in the ancient world.

At the end of 2000 years of research and exploration (most important in the last 200 years), destruction of the disease nightmare has been accomplished. Thus, diphtheria, yellow fever and flower outbreaks were thought to be untreatable. Once, 70% of the people who were diagnosed with diabetes were dying, while those who died from meningitis were 90% of those diagnosed with the disease. Tuberculosis and poliemyelitis are also fearsome.

Vaccines, if prepared from dead or attenuated microorganisms, will be called heterogenous vaccines if prepared from exogenous microorganisms.

Vaccination technique 1789 ‘ known since. At that time, the British doctor Edward Jenner strong>, who found the famous Flower Vaccine, was overcome by a drop of pus from a cattle grazing on cattle flower disease. Louis Pasteur, a century from now, has further developed the vaccine and has found a common application area throughout the world today.

Theoretically, there was no epidemic disease that would not have a vaccine. It is the leprosy with the latest vaccination from these diseases. This vaccine was found in Norway in 1973, exactly 100 years ago, in the country of scientist Armauer Hansen, who purifies this terrible disease microbe. Thus, immunology has remained a side of microbiology for a long time, limiting its work to examining the mechanisms of defense against the body’s microbial attack.

However, many diseases still continue to challenge knowledge. Modern medicine is becoming more effective day by day with advanced diagnosis and treatment methods and it seems that the point that some cancer types will be taken under control by the year 2000 and all mental illnesses will be improved. All the great successes of medicine have been thanks to the knowledge on the physiology and morphology of the human body.

Throughout its history, human beings have learned through drug testing that they have learned by trial-and-error, and later by means of scientific experimentation that drug information obtained from today’s pharmacology ).

However, it is useful to treat all kinds of pills as a sharp sword. Because, after a certain dose, there are no medicines that have no side effects. For this reason, every medicine should be used with great care and according to doctor’s recommendations. Nevertheless, the common misconceptions about the use of medicine among the people do not improve against all stimuli. At the beginning of these traditional misconceptions are suggestions for drugs that people think they are good at each other for various illnesses. The proponent usually says that for some time the person in question has the same complaints as their counterpart, and that their doctor or other person has used their medication to dispose of their complaints. With a mathematical approach, the same kind of complaint runs the same logic that can be remedied with the same drugs. However, a complaint of the same nature can be found in many different diseases. For example, a headache complaint can be seen in a simple cold or as a brain tumor. It is possible to treat a simple cold with “Aspirin”; or a brain tumor. Share Multiple Information.

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