Among the kitchen appliances used today is the dishwasher, which was invented to make people most comfortable and easier to work with. In 1850, Joel Houghton received a patent for a machine made by hand-spinning water jugs on a plate. This was the first patent for the dishwasher’s invention. But he was not interested because he was not very useful.

Who Invented the Dishwasher h2>

Dishwashing is often undertaken by women. It was quite boring and a woman who came out with the idea of ​​making it easier to do this every day. Josephine Cochran strong> He completed his studies in 1886, saying, “If I do not do dishwashers, I will do it myself.”

Josephine Cochran founded a company called KitchenAid to produce dishwashers. He introduced the dishwasher he invented at the World Expo held in 1893. But the dishwasher did not show much interest except for the hotels and restaurants.

At the time, a newspaper reported that Cockran’s dishwasher had “tweaked 20 dozen plates in two minutes and even set it up.”

The spread of the dishwasher at home was unlikely until 1950s. Share Information

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