Who found the cream, who invented the cream. strong> Almost all of the earth’s softening herbs, liquids used since 3000 BC have not changed much today. The use of honey, eggs, chamomile, tea juice, cucumber skin, milk continues.

Kremin invention strong> is attributed to the famous physician of ancient times Galenos strong>. A.D. The physician who invited him to Rome from Bergama in 157, contributed to the beauty of the emperor family and the nobility and patriarchs as well as the gladiators’ wounds. Paul Carl Beiersdorf strong> Paul Carl Beiersdorf strong> in 1882 Beiersdorf AG strong> personal care products company. She got her patent on Medical Flasters. In 1890, he transferred the company to Oscar Troplowitz strong>. In 1911, Troplowitz presented the nourishing and nourishing Nivea strong> cream market. The cream, which has achieved great success all over the world, still continues its success without much change in the same formula. Share Information

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