Dr. From March 11, 1751, John Hill began writing columns at the London Advertiser and Literary Gazette, signing the “Inspector”. This was the first signed daily column. Hill maintained his writings for two years and paid £ 1,500 a year.

This, too, was a “deceitful” money at that time. This first columnist of the press history did not like to deal with serious issues, contrary to today’s colleagues, but rather to the gossip. Even so, it was tortured by an Irishman for everyone.

Corner post or paragraph ; is the general name of a short story published in newspapers and magazines, where an author describes his views on any topic or everyday events, without elaborating on his thoughts. Fıkralar is published in certain columns or corners of newspapers and magazines.

The intent of the fictitious, political, cultural, economic, social, and so on, is to write everyday events in a special way, in a nice style, is to guide the public by expressing the issues with a critical point of view. To get nice, nice results than to be certain in the tricks; care must be taken to be vivid, engaging. The author has a strong connection with the reader by reflecting his or her own feelings and thoughts most successfully. Topics related to real events or thoughts are processed. Thought is on the front plan. The topics are handled from various angles without detail. There is no obligation to convince readers of what is written. Writers should take care of the reader. A clear, plain and fluent language should be used. The subjects should be curious about the reader, at the same time they should be instructive and informative. Share Multiple Information

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