Photocopying Machine Rectigraph Co. in 1907 in New York. The machine’s patience belonged to George C. Beidler. Beidler considered the idea of ​​developing such a vehicle years ago when he was working in a land disputes office in Oklahoma.

The need to copy legal documents in a very short time has led him to some research on this path.

Photocopier , which was used to replicate various documents and other visual materials quickly and cheaply, was the first to make a rototip copier in 1906, is a device.

The first photocopier was invented by Chester Carlson strong> in 1938.

In the 1960s, a copier was developed by the US Xerox company. Many photocopiers nowadays are copying documents with the help of toners made of carbon. Prior to this system; There were machines that operated with liquid ink, printing on electrostatic paper. Today’s digital machinery differs from analogue machines in that it is mainly a method of image scanning.

Copying is widely used in business, education and government. Although the use of photocopiers has diminished with the development of digital technology, photocopying remains indispensable, especially in state affairs. Share Information

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