The conservatory is the name given to the music educator. The Köstü Italian (Conservatorio) is based on the vernacular and is meant as a working house. In the Renaissance era, conservatories that work on church music in orphanages affiliated to hospitals or nursing homes began to appear.

The first serious conservatory; It was founded in Paris in 1795 by the Mayor of the City Band, Bernard Sarratte. The name of this established music house was the Institut National de Musique.

In the nineteenth century, the conservatories established and operating in France were taken as examples by other states of the
and the United States of America. Milano in 1807, Prague in 1811, Vienna in 1817, and Leipzig conservatories in 1843. Boston Conservatory in USA
1867, New York National Conservatory established in 1885.

The first conservatory in Turkey was founded by the Union and Terror in 1913 in the name of Dârülelhân in Istanbul. /> Then in 1927 this establishment turned into a Municipal Conservatory. In 1936, the State Conservatory started to operate under the National Ministry of Education in Ankara. In 1958 in Izmir in 1971
State conservatories were established in Istanbul. Also in 1976, Turkish Music
Conservatory established in Istanbul was opened and the number increased in time. Share Bilgi Çoğalsın

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