Specially crafted places where various acrobatic numbers made by animals trained by circus people are made. It is given a name of “circus” in places with rounded corners with high edges, rounded corners in the middle, and hollows with glaciers whose edges are half-dashed. Sand tracks that are free to get in and out of use are also called “circuses.”

Sirkin târihi to the ancient Roman kings who lived.

The first circus games were discovered and developed by a Romans named Romulus, and then passed on to France. After the end of the eighteenth century, the circus was shown in England

These types of controversial demonstrations spread in America and other European countries.

In the twentieth century, the circus, which entered into various innovations, became a favorite entertainment spot.

car races, animal fights and various funny shows were shown in the circus. These demonstrations were fully open
in the air in the narrowest, the length was long, and the wings were made high. The demonstrations were easily watched by everyone
. The circus was still roaming over time. The demonstrations were started in large tents.

The number and genre have also changed.

In the first outbursts of the adventure, car races, animal fights, trojan games, equestrian and pedestrian attacks, ship
fights, were displayed.

With the start of showing the circus to children, these kinds of demonstrations were also absent.

Dances of dogs and bears called the modern circus games, bicycling of monkeys, horses always greet the audience, dances of the filler, predators
and the tigers are joking with people.

The circus is a very difficult job to maintain and maintain.

In addition, the acrobatic movements of male and female riders, It’s a tough job. Those who are involved in this business will master over time by taking part in
small-group work.

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