Who invented the cigarette. strong> Smoking is the most consumed among today’s tobacco products. It is not certain that the tobacco was wrapped in paper and drunk in the 19th century by a French soldier during wartime. Until then, tobacco was drunk with a pipe.

Another rumor was that beggars living in Seville, Spain, surrounded and smoked tobaccos in the pipes they had picked up by the rich.

Cigarette wrapping machine h2>

The definitive and most important development of the cigarette invention was with the invention of the automatic cigarette wrapping machine. After finely crafted special papers, tobacco was manually wrapped in these papers and sold for 1 dry, but demand was very low. The automatic cigarette wrapping machine, invented and developed by 18-year-old James Bonsack strong> in 1883, was a revolution in smoking history. This invention helped to reduce production cost and increase production volume. Many cigarette factories have begun to use this new invention. Daily production exceeded 500 million units.

In 1952, cigarettes began to produce filtered cigarettes due to their harm to human health. Today, daily cigarette production has exceeded 10 billion.

How to produce cigarettes h2>

Tobaccos dried after collection are left in their storage for up to three years. Then the cigarette is treated in special humidifying rooms by treating the tobacco dust in factories. Continuous humidification and drying continues. Then, according to the type of cigarette to be rolled in the drums, various tobaccos are blended. This mixed tobacco is again kept in special humidification rooms. This tobacco is minced very finely with rotary knives. A few days after the start of the cycle, the cylinder is automatically filled into the tubes. Two cigarettes are attached to the filter first, then divided into two.

A standard smoker can prepare an average of 1200 cigarettes per minute. It is very soon that these cigarettes become cigarettes in packs of twenty packs. In each cigarette, the looseness of the cigarette is checked with the beam to ensure that all cigarettes are equal. Because the main part of the cigarette is tobacco, the smoke contains nicotine and tar. In order to reduce the tar of cigarettes, quality tobacco is first selected. During production, it is made long and thin. The more distance between the burning tip of the cigarette and the mouth, the less nicotine goes into the body. Dry tobacco is older than age; faster than slower;

Attention: Smoking is harmful to health. strong> h2>

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