New Year’s Eve Christmas tree decorations are decorated with small ornamental trees and light decorations to add color to the new year’s celebrations. The origins of the New Year’s Eve depend on ancient Rome up to ancient times. During the Saturnalia festival celebrated in ancient Rome, the Romans decorated the trees using small pieces of metal in honor of the god of agriculture.

In Medieval Germany every year, in the feasts organized by the Church on December 24th, a tree is decorated with an apple representing a tree that Eve cuts apples to Adam, and he is called the Tree of Heaven. The first use of Christmas trees outside the church was in 1570 in the 16th century.

Modern Christmas trees were planted in Strasbourg, Germany at that time, to be used in homes in the 1500s for years, in the form of flowers, ornaments, without an ornament, sold out at the local market. The first decorated Christmas tree was sold in Riga in Latvia in 1510.

16. In the early 19th century, Martin Luther strong> adorned the Christmas trees with candles inspired by the brilliance of the stars in the dark nights. The fir tree was used as the Christmas tree.

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