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Who found the cartoon postcard


Cartoon postcards were first published in Germany in 1880. It only appeared in England in 1902. However, he received a great deal of appreciation. The creator of the cards in England was Donald McGill, who had a very productive retirement.

This Scottish-born Canadian artist who worked as an architect at the Naval Forces, as noted by famous writer George Orvell, It was not a running one. Nevertheless, he has produced more than 12 “cartoonish postcards” with his very rich creative power. On the earliest example of their daily reach, there is a date of December 7, 1904.

On this card, part 1140 of the Woodbury series, we see one of McGill’s creative intelligences. A band member sat in a bench row with his drum knob in his hand. There is also a lover beside him. The knuckle is aimed at the girl’s body. She asks, “What do you think, Tommy?” As the boy says, “What happened to your mind,” the girl screamed, “Oh, rude.” Donad McGill, who sold 350 million copies of his esprit-ornamented cards, had a great fortune. Share Info